When we did our engagement photo shoot we thought it would be funny to use tiny hands with the ring on it. We got so excited we forgot to get any normal photos. So this is it. Hope you enjoy!
Robin and Julian
Are getting married
7pm Saturday Feb 3rd, 2024
231 Chapel St Melbourne
7pm Saturday
Feb 3rd, 2024
231 Chapel St


Straight into the reception. Drinks, appetizers and handshakes.
Gather around the couple while they get married and say nice things about each other.
No sit-down dinner or getting stuck at a table. Food will be passed around all night while you hang out.
Speeches, games, dancing and shenanigans.
Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay at the venue.
See where the night takes us.


Relaxed ceremony
Fun deserts
Cocktail dinner
Breheny Bros Beer
Chill vibes
21st  speeches
House party Style
Bouquet Toss
Sit-down dinner
First Dance
Aisle walking
Place settings
Champagne tower
Cake cutting

Dress Code*

*Ultimately wear whatever you're comfortable in. 
We're just putting this in here so you don't text us.


Skip the tuxedo, formal dress and Windsor knots. But also, avoid ultra casual look like you are lounging on a Sunday.

Dress up?

'Dress up' doesn't  mean dress formally. It means wear an outfit that makes you feel confident, excited and, dare I say, cool. Don't be afraid of color. Fit in by standing out.


You know that thing in your closet you love but don't like wearing because people might make fun. Maybe it's a leather jacket or a tiny gold chain. Whatever it is, I'm giving you permission to rock it.


Whatever your style, lean into it.
Party shirt alert! Everyone loves a party shirt, especially good in the summer.
If you love a suit, then wear a suit. But keep it a little casual by removing the tie and keeping one hand in your pocket at all times.
Too hot for pants, then why not try some shorts. See that tiny gold chain, maybe that's his 'risky' accessory. Is that a singlet with a pocket? the choices are endless.
These guy made a show about dressing better than straight men so I have to assume they're dressed correctly.
Don't want to go wild? Keep it simple if that's your vibe.
Polo shirts are back! 'This guy has sneakers, can I wear sneakers?' Yes.
This works, but unfortunately you will need to wear shoes. Venue policy (not mine).
Long fancy dress and background blocks? Absolutely.
Do you like wrapping belts around the outside of suit jackets? Then do I have some good news for you.
An outfit so chic you might startle yourself.
So relaxed and cool no one will notice your indoor sunglasses.
If you're feeling adventurous, why not come as seven women.
On Saturdays we wear lavender.
Flowers always accepted.


Hopefully we'll see you at the wedding!
If you have a plus one, please also write if they are coming.
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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Our story

Robin was born in Hawaii but grew up in Alaska. She moved to NYC at 22, attended Georgetown Law at 25, and works for Legal Aid as a public defender. She's currently writing her first novel, helping the local cat rescue and/or eating beans.
Julian was born in Australia, but grew up partially in South East Asia. He works in advertising, but moved to NYC to become a comic and eat 99 cent pizza.
The Hinge photo that started it all
Day trip to Beacon (first photographed date)
Rooftop bar for 4th date
Date interrupted by rain
First Halloween
Philadelphia trip
First Thanksgiving
First Valentines day
Starting podcast together
Putting up posters for our Hell Yeah Comedy show
Starting custom calendar tradition
Fun engagement shoot
We like pranks
Robin started it 2 years ealier
Thanks to Kieran Murray
Jokes aside, now onto celebrating
Thanks Gary and  Adam for the cameo from our fav personal trainer Rick!


Did you already get married in America?
Yes we did! But lots of our favourite people couldn't attend so we're doing it again, bigger and better than ever.
When is the ceremony? 
At 7:30pm we will gather people around for the 'marriage' part of the festivities. These should last around 25 minutes. Then at 9:00pm we will have a block of speeches that will also take around 25 minutes.
Will there be food?
This is not a sit-down dinner, but there will be food passed around through the whole evening. And it will be substantial enough for you to be very full and do a sneaky belt unbuckle.
Will there be drinks?
Yes we'll be providing beers, wine, spirits, champagne and cocktails.
Will there be Breheny Bros Beer?
Nothing but.
Can my kids come?
Unfortunately this will be a kid-free wedding. I'm sure your little ones are rad AF, but if I let them in then i'll have to let the lame ones in too.